“The bravest American film I’ve ever seen.” –Cinephile
“Miraculously evenhanded.” –Variety
“Fascinating.” –Macleans
“Smart, captivating, and even brilliant. 5 stars.” –Chart Attack
“Unforgettable.” –Buzzine
“A no-holds barred film.” –Aint It Cool News
“Harrowing.” –Montreal Mirror
“Sensational… fascinating.” –Montreal Gazette
“A stance of directorial bravery that is seldom showcased… amazingly poised.” –Film Jerk
“Critics have been praising the film… it will out-controversy Michael Moore’s Sicko.” –Digg News

According to the FBI, the #1 Domestic Terror Threat facing the United States is animal rights activists. Curt Johnson set out to learn why.

Dir. Curt JohnsonWith Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel, Moby, Joe Mantegna, Joss Stone

Inspired by a post-9/11 FBI alert identifying animal rights activists as the number one domestic terror threat, Johnson sought out embattled activists and their detractors to determine the actual danger posed by the movement. Johnson interviewed the SHAC7, young activists who violated federal anti-terrorism laws by encouraging direct action protests via their website. The freedom of speech issue surrounding the SHAC7 trial serves as the lightning rod of Your Mommy Kills Animals, drawing in a spectrum of commentators with numerous points of view and passionate ideologies. By avoiding confrontation and polemic, Johnson’s even-handed exploration invites any audience to witness the wiretapping, intimidation, prosecution, and imprisonment of peaceful activists whose only crime was speaking their minds on a website.

Directed by Curt Johnson (2002 Academy Award-winning Thoth).