“Chaos rocks!” –Alternative Press
“A welcome change… calming and, dare I say it, fun!” –The Guardian UK

Ever wonder why every exercise video seems shot on a hermetically sealed soundstage with a Stepford Wife for an instructor and some John Tesh-sounding new-age beat pulsing in the background? Well Chaos has… she’s a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer who teaches a rock-n-roll hardbody yoga class in the center of Hollywood. She thinks fitness videos can have attitude and great music and the kind of badass energy that’ll psych you up to work out everyday and get in awesome shape. And who are we to argue with a drop-dead gorgeous yogi who could totally kick our asses?

In this DVD you can select your favorite indie rock workout mix (or play your own) and follow along with three students of varying skill (Karri Langlois – beginner, Kristina Sefeldt – intermediate, Page Turner – advanced).

Features: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced moves, special “Beginner Session,” three selectable channels of music featuring over 30 songs from popular bands including Jet Lag Gemini, Kevin Devine, Roses Are Red, House of Fools, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pelican, Alec Empire, Two Lone Swordsmen, Sorry About Dresden, Criteria, Ladyfinger (ne), Crash Romeo, Hello Nurse, Novemberkills, DoubleheadeR, Enduser, Edgey, Paulson, and more!

Created by Chaos & Matt Pizzolo