“An immensely informative look into the psyche of a great writer.” –Ain’t It Cool News

“Bursting with ideas and mischievous humor… a wild ride.” –Seattle Times

“A fascinating analysis of one of comics’ most friendly, uncompromising visionaries. Come for the all-star testimonials, stay for the foul-mouthed puppet!” –Wired

“Watching this film is a bit like plugging some kind of ethereal feed into your brain stem that’s constantly spewing an angry coil of energy and creative bravado… It hits you like a whiskey-soaked punch and keeps pushing you forward… A bold, addictive, honest sucker punch of a movie.” –NerdBastards

Dir. Patrick Meaney
Featuring Warren Ellis, Helen Mirren, Wil Wheaton, Joss Whedon, Patton Oswalt, Stoya, Brea Grant, Claudio Sanchez, Ben Templesmith.

Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts dives into the mind of “Internet Jesus” Warren Ellis, the futurist / philosopher / comic book writer / alt culture thinker behind the groundbreaking comics FreakAngels, Transmetropolitan, Iron Man: Extremis (the basis for the upcoming movie Iron Man 3), Planetary, and RED (adapted into the blockbuster film starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Mary Louise Parker, and John Malkovich).

Featuring the most extensive interview Ellis has ever given, the film spans from his first memory watching the moon landing as a child to the boffo success of RED. Along the way, Ellis’s acerbic wit and core belief in humanity come across like never before, revealing the unique point of view that has made him such a pivotal and influential figure.

Directed by Patrick Meaney, following up his critically acclaimed documentary Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods.