The Hardcore Chef proves you don’t have to chow on rabbit food, max out your credit card at high-priced health food stores, or spend all day cooking elaborate meals from scratch just because you love animals! Friend of cows and chickens, enemy of corporate greed, the Hardcore Chef leads you down the path of culinary enlightenment with centuries old vegan recipes like Hail Seitan and Eviction-Sloppy Joe (for when your roommate spends your rent money on heroin). With support from his favorite hardcore-punk vegan bands, the Hardcore Chef demonstrates how tasty food can be when it’s fast, cheap, and cruelty free.

Over 100 minutes of recipes including: Hail Seitan, Tamil Tiger Rice, Seitan Strokin’ Off, Cool-Hand Cookie Cheesecake, When Spud Gets Off Heroin This Is The Potato Salad He’ll Eat, Vegetable Medley of Hardcore Gaiety, Free Noriega Wraps, Mushroom Mosh Pit-tatoes, and more!

Created by The Hardcore Chef & Matt Pizzolo