“An antidote to much of what passes for independent film” –NY Times

“Uncompromising… impressive” –Variety

“Conventional wisdom has long been that Hollywood is unapologetically liberal. But if that’s so, where in the movies are the progressives I know – funny, sexy, smart, open-minded and most of all, real? They’re in Exist.” –Clamor Magazine

Dir. Esther Bell
Starring Nic Mevoli, Ben Bartlett, Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio)

Set in the trenches of America’s resurgent protest movement, EXIST captures the essence of personal relationships in the midst of turmoil, and explores how far people will go to be heard. Top couldn’t have cared less about the causes that had Jake and their fellow squatters marching in the streets. He thought protest was for the privileged, not for those fighting to survive. Jake knew that joining the protest movement would mean struggle. But when he left Harvard for political activism, he never anticipated charges of murder and a life on the run. When the lights went out and the cops charged in, Top’s instinct was to run. Jake’s was to fight. After that night, their lives would never be the same. Official Selection: San Francisco Independent Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival, New York Underground Film Festival. Starring Nic Mevoli, Ben Bartlett, Tunde Adebimpe (TV On The Radio).